TDBoK™ Guide

The definitive resource for the talent development profession.

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The TDBoK™ Guide: Talent Development Body of Knowledge, second edition, is the updated and expanded comprehensive collection of concepts, definitions, methodologies, and examples that lays the foundation and guiding principles for those who develop talent in the workplace.

The TDBoK Guide offers a deep dive into the 23 key capability areas outlined within the Talent Development Capability ModelTM, the framework that tells talent development (TD) practitioners what they need to know and do to develop themselves, others, and their organizations. Developed by ATD in collaboration with more than 60 subject matter experts and incorporating curated perspectives from thousands of publications, this reference guide sets the gold standard for the TD profession. It:

  • Serves as a definitive, ongoing, centralized source and reference guide for TD best practices and the knowledge and skills required for success in the profession.
  • Enables easy access to theories, models, insights, and answers through a structured, searchable e-publication.
  • Provides an overview of the broad array of TD disciplines (23 unique capabilities) so you can get exposure to new proficiency areas, identify what you need to learn, and tailor your future development plan.
  • Offers a set of terminology and definitions for the TD profession that create a common language.
  • Ensures alignment among the professional resources that you use to expand and develop your career—from credentials and courses to conferences, publications, and online content.

For those preparing to obtain an ATD Certification Institute (CI) certification—the Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD®) or the Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD®)—the TDBok Guide also serves as a resource for exam preparation.

The TDBoK Guide, second edition, goes beyond training and instructional design to address the full spectrum of information TD professionals need for success, today and in the future. We recommend every TD professional have a copy on hand to learn about their field and grow their career. Download our infographic to find out what's changed from the first to second edition.

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How to Get Your Copy of the TDBoK Guide
1. Gain complimentary access to the online TDBoK Guide.

Online access offers:
  • Detailed references and recommended readings that you can explore beyond the platform
  • A comprehensive and consolidated resource that is easy to navigate and fully searchable
  • The ability to sync highlighted content, notes, and annotations across your devices
  • A read-aloud feature to listen to content
  • Options to create your own personal study guide and flashcards

2. Purchase the TDBok Guide, second edition.
License the TDBoK Guide for Your Team
As our profession continues to transform to match business and organizational strategic priorities, it is important to have a codified set of standards that define TD. Receive a special rate when you license the TDBoK Guide for your organization. Connect with an ATD Enterprise Solutions Account Executive to find out more.