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Our members and customers are professionals who help others achieve their full potential by improving their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the workplace. They go by many titles: talent development managers, trainers, instructional designers, performance consultants, frontline managers, workplace learning professionals, and more. With over 75 years of experience in the industry, we are your one-stop shop for all of your training and people development needs.

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Beginner Course

In this high-level introductory course, participants will learn proven techniques for facilitating engaging and result-oriented training sessions.

Intermediate Course

This program focuses on what happens before, during, and after trainers deliver training, and what to do if training is not the right solution.

Intermediate Course

Participants will learn to maximize the engagement of remote participants and manage the logistics of facilitating synchronous learning.

NEW! New Employee Onboarding Certificate
In this program, you’ll learn everything you need to create effective onboarding programs that build engagement with your new hires even before they start on their first day. Using ATD’s 5R model of employee onboarding, you’ll learn to successfully navigate the review, recruitment, role clarity, relationship building, and results phases of onboarding.

Participants will leave this program with a basic understanding of not only how to create a learning event, but how to ensure it will be high quality, outcome driven, and engaging.

Intermediate Course

Participants leave knowing how to design a complete program that aligns with business goals, including participant guides, instructor guides, and other materials.

Intermediate Course

Learn to skillfully meet instructional design challenges in any industry and apply the principles of effective e-learning to individualized courses, tutorials, games, simulations and other e-learning modules.

NEW! Training Design and Delivery Certificate
This course is for talent development professionals focused on both designing learning programs and training delivery. This fast-paced program will get you up to speed on the best practices and latest techniques in design and training delivery to ensure the success of your learning programs.
Certificate Program
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Performance Consulting
Certificate Program
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Certificate Program
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Certificate Program
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Advanced Course

This unique assessment-based program has expert facilitators working closely with trainers to help them master all aspects of training delivery.

This assessment-based program provides participants with the opportunity to evaluate real-world projects and work with expert facilitators to help them master the skills required to create formal and informal learning solutions.

ATD's newest certification for talent development professionals who are in the early part of their careers or whose roles and aspirations are focused on a few areas of expertise.

Enterprise Pyramid

Promote Continuous Learning Across Your Organization

ATD Group and Enterprise membership options deliver professional development to your whole team. We can help your team of five or more grow their skills and make an even greater organizational impact. Benefits of membership include:

  • Content and Resources: ATD Group membership includes a complimentary TD at Work issue, resource centers and custom libraries, access to member-only webcasts, and more!
  • Cost Savings: Member discounts apply to books, the ATD International Conference & Exposition, education courses, and events.
  • Convenience: ATD Group and Enterprise offerings come with the convenience of a dedicated account manager as well as simple annual invoicing, free membership transfers, and synchronized membership end dates.

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