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111615_The Art and Science of Training

The Art and Science of Training

The topic is vast, the science precise, and the art so innovative.

There are more similarities than differences between how artists and scientists work. Both ask countless questions. Both search...

By Elaine Biech, CPTD Fellow on December 1, 2016

111109_TAT2ndEditionBC_FIN 6

Telling Ain't Training, 2nd Edition

A must have for trainers.

Telling Ain't Training is an essential book for all learning and development professionals. When the first edition of Telling Ain't Training was...

By Erica J. Keeps, Harold D. Stolovitch on June 1, 2011


Troubleshooting for Trainers

Your Fix-It Guide to Training

When you need to repair an appliance on the fritz, you can consult the instruction manual. But if you’re stuck when designing or facilitating training,...

By Sophie Oberstein on October 6, 2020


Learning Science for Instructional Designers

Ensure Your Instructional Design Stands Up to Learning Science

Learning science is a professional imperative for instructional designers. In fact, instructional design is applied learning science. To create...

By Clark N. Quinn on April 13, 2021


From Basics to Specialized! Go Further with These Books

111910_Agile for Instructional Designers_RGB

Agile for Instructional Designers

Discover Agile for Better Instructional DesignTo serve business needs amid greater volatility and uncertainty in the workplace, learning and development professionals need project management methods that can keep up....

By Megan Torrance on August 27, 2019

111704_Virtual Training Tools and Templates

Virtual Training Tools and Templates

Are your virtual training tools ready for a tune-up?

You've discovered the best way to reach remote audiences without boarding a single plane. And you've learned that an effective virtual...

By Cindy Huggett, CPTD on June 27, 2017

112004_Designing for Modern Learning

Designing for Modern Learning

Meet Learning Needs With New Thinking

Learning is no longer an activity or luxury that only occurs at specific stages in your life or career. With the digital revolution, learning...

By Lisa M.D. Owens, Crystal Kadakia on June 30, 2020


Research Reports: Highlights in Training and Delivery

192007 EffectiveTrainers_RR_Cover

Effective Trainers: Traditional and Virtual Classroom Success

Effective Trainers: Traditional and Virtual Classroom Success examines the role of a trainer and practices for instructor-led training. Based on a survey of talent development professionals, the report compares...

By ATD Research on September 18, 2020

192102 Simulatons and Scenarios Cover

Simulations and Scenarios: Realistic, Effective, and Engaging Learning

Simulations and Scenarios: Realistic, Effective, and Engaging Learning Success examines how organizations use simulations and scenario-based learning in their talent development programs. Based on a survey of TD professionals,...

By ATD Research on January 12, 2021


E-Learning: The Evolving Landscape

E-Learning: The Evolving Landscape examines organizations’ use of e-learning, comparing the practices of high-performing organizations and other organizations. It explores the effectiveness of e-learning for different content areas, practices...

By ATD Research on August 11, 2020


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