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Certification Institute
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How Do I Prepare?

The following resources provide you with a wide array of certification preparation tools from self-paced courses to live instructor-led workshops. You can choose the format that works best for you.

The 4 E's of Preparing for the CPLP

CPLP The 4 Es

Interactive Guide for CPLP

This interactive program is free and maps out the steps to attaining the CPLP in an easy to navigate format to help you decide if the CPLP program is right for you. Several assessment tools, including the CPLP practice exam (pCPLP), are included. View these materials to help you understand the program flow from applying to studying to becoming a CPLP credential holder! An SAE Study Guide is also included under SAE Prepare.

Practice Exams

Take the pCPLP Practice Exam to prepare for the CPLP multiple-choice exam. Understanding the level of difficulty and the types of exam items can help you to focus and maximize your preparation. There are 50 test items and no penalties for guessing. The pCPLP assessment takes approximately 50 minutes to complete.

For the APTD, you can use the 30-question Practice Exam to help gauge your readiness for the APTD exam. The APTD Practice Exam gives you an overall score and a summary of your performance on the categories covered in the practice test.

Certification Handbooks

The CPLP Certification Handbook and APTD Certification Handbook are technical guides for our two programs and provide individuals with everything they need to understand, participate in, and complete the certification process. They are the primary source for certification program support and are a must-read for all participants in our certification programs.

Preparation Programs

Offered in three different formats (face-to-face and live online workshops, and an on-demand course), the programs are designed to help participants determine the gaps in their knowledge and craft a comprehensive study plan to address those gaps and successfully pass the exams.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are a quick way to find high-level information on exam eligibility, cost, application information, who to contact with questions, and much more.

ATD Learning System

The official ATD resource for CPLP study, the CPLP Learning System contains the content needed to study for the exam. The Learning System is provided in an online format, which includes a downloaded PDF. An additional print option is available for an extra fee.

The APTD Learning System is an online textbook covering all areas of expertise tested on the APTD certification exam. Interactive quizzes, reference lists, tips, stories, cases, and cross-chapter links are included to support learning. As with the full learning system, the format comes in both an e-reader and downloadable PDF. An additional print option is available for an extra fee.