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Top Articles From April 2020


Thu May 07 2020

Top Articles From April 2020

Here's what talent development professionals were recently reading on the ATD website.

Top 20 Most-Viewed Blog Articles in April 2020:


1. 10 Things Genuinely Confident People Do Differently

2. Hacks to Stay Productive, Motivated, and Connected When Working From Home

3. How Long to Develop One Hour of Training? Updated for 2017

4. 3 Adult Learning Theories Every E-Learning Designer Must Know

5. 5 Ways to Open an Interactive Virtual Class


6. The 5 Types of Leaders

7. Leading in Uncertain Times: 3 Things to Do Right Now

8. 5 Steps for Building Trust in the Workplace

9. 8 Habits for Leading a Remote Workforce

10. Are You Ready to Facilitate in the Virtual Classroom?


11. Debunk This: People Remember 10 Percent of What They Read

12. 5 Basic Financial Skills Every Manager Should Have

13. Remote Teams Need Real Communication

14. 19 Traits of Bad Bosses

15. 6 Things to Consider When Transitioning to Virtual Training

16. The Importance of Intercultural Communication Training to the Global Workforce

17. Your Brain on Change: Helping Clients Manage Change With Neuroscience

18. How to Prepare Talent Development Pros for COVID-19

19. Multidisciplinary Teamwork Ensures Better Healthcare Outcomes

20. Self-Direction: The Key to Assertive Communication

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