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Mon Sep 09 2019

Top ATD Insights

Want to stay in the know about key talent development topics? Listed below are ATD’s content managers’ top insight picks across five essential areas of practice.

Instructional Design

  1. How Long to Develop One Hour of Training?

  2. Methodology Wars: ADDIE vs. SAM vs. AGILE

  3. Writing Effective Case Studies

  4. Why Microlearning Should Be Part of Your L&D Toolkit

  5. It’s Not Just One Target Audience

Learning Technologies

  1. 3 Adult Learning Theories Every E-Learning Designer Must Know

  2. 5 Steps to Shooting Awesome Instructional Video

  3. Back to Basics: 5 Essential Elements of Effective E-Learning

  4. Research Backs Benefits of VR Training

  5. Why Microlearning Should Be Part of Your L&D Toolkit

Training Delivery

  1. Trainers Aren’t Keynote Speakers

  2. Storytelling to Captivate, Engage, and Influence

  3. 6 Reasons Why Face-to-Face Training Must Stay

  4. Storytelling and Brain Science: This Is Your Brain on Story

  5. Check Yourself: Videotaping Will Improve Your Performance

Performance Consulting

  1. The Purpose of Performance Management: Redefining Aspirations

  2. What Is Human Performance Improvement?

  3. Practical Learning Transfer Techniques to Bridge Learning to Performance

  4. The Power of the “Yes, and” Approach

  5. Putting on Your Performance Consulting Hat

Management and Leadership Development

  1. The 5 Types of Leaders

  2. 19 Traits of Bad Bosses

  3. 5 Steps for Building Trust in the Workplace

  4. 8 Essential Tips to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

  5. What Exactly Is the Mentor’s Role? What Is the Mentee’s?

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