Are You Ready to Meet Learners Wherever They Are?

Learning can happen anywhere and at any time. Move beyond the traditional classroom and make it happen.

If you are unable to check all four of the below, we can help!

✔ Apply instructional design models and techniques to new formats.
✔ Personalize the learning experience to meet individual needs and goals.
✔ Supplement traditional learning to support engagement and learning transfer.
✔ Reach your learners anywhere, anytime before, during, and after learning events.

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Instructional Design Courses

New Techniques

EDU People with Phones
Certificate Program
280 Reviews
Certificate Program
0 Reviews
Certificate Program
317 Reviews
Certificate Program
317 Reviews
Certificate Program
0 Reviews
Certificate Program
17 Reviews
89 Reviews
infographic made with chalk drawn by hand
59 Reviews
0 Reviews
It's not too late to incorporate one of these emerging trends into your learning events.
What Our Participants are Saying
"The Blended Learning Certificate program incorporates such a wide range of topics and considerations that I feel it would be a benefit to training...
I found ATD's Mobile Learning Certificate program enormously valuable! The hands-on activities gave me a taste for the various deliverables in mobile as well...
"Infographics are very relevant to training professionals.  I didn't want a graphic designer talking above me about how to make them.  I wanted the...
"I loved the hands-on, interactive approach to learning.  It made it fun and engaging, learning in the moment every moment. The time flew and I just wish...
"I took away a lot in terms of mobile strategy and how to get some small and big wins early on. I learned that it's time to get back to the table...
"This program really takes you through the entire process of blended learning. You participate as a learner but are also required to bring something related...
I would recommend this program because it allows you to meet with people with similar mobile learning issues and concerns. Together you can generate some...

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