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GSA Contract for ATD Learning Programs
Supporting your team's professional development for 80 years

Invest In Learning and Development Programs To Build Trust and Retain Your Top Talent

In our article,  3 Examples of Excellent Talent Management in Government, we uncover that providing attention to the individual needs and goals of employees is a common priority to most government agencies successful at retaining candidates.

Managers hold regular talent review meetings with employees to ensure that they talk to them about specific opportunities, such as overseeing a temporary project, job shadowing a position of interest, or moving into a rotational assignment to bolster their experience.

The bottom line: Whether the challenge is increased competition with the private and nonprofit sectors or shifting demographics, government leaders need to bring a sense of urgency to the goal of attracting and retaining talent. Leaders build trust by investing in their employees and making a sustained commitment to help them learn and grow.

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611430 Training Services: Instructor Led Training, Web Based Training and Education Courses, Course Development and Test Administration, Learning Management, Internships

  • Courses available off-the-shelf training and/or educational courses that are delivered via an Instructor-led (i.e. traditional classroom setting or conference/seminar) and/or web-based (i.e. Internet/Intranet, software packages, and computer applications) system.
  • Professional services in support of planning, creating, and/or executing testing and test administration, learning management, internship, or development of new courses or subject matter delivered via an instructor-led (i.e. traditional classroom setting or conference/seminar) and/or Web-based (i.e. Internet/Intranet, software packages and computer applications) system.
  • Customization services for planning, creating, and/or implementing specially designed courses.

Contract Number: GS-00F-188GA
Period Covered By Contract: 5/11/2017 - 5/10/2027

ATD Training Courses Available on The Professional Services Schedule Sin 611430

ATD Master Trainer® Program
ATD Master Instructional Designer® Program
Coaching Class
Consulting Skills Class
Designing Learning
Introducing Human Performance Improvement
Presentation Skills
Project Management for Learning Professionals
Test Design and Delivery Certificate
Training Certificate (Most popular!)

Note: Quantity Discount on 3 courses or more: 3% Discount Per Multi-Course Order. Must be ordered at the same time.

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Advances in technology and increased skill requirements are changing the workplace at an ever-increasing rate.

Accountability for D&I efforts is an important step for any organization to strengthen leadership; for the Coast Guard, this has been highlighted in recent policy changes.

The importance of monitoring your workforce for mission-critical skill gaps is a key step in remaining competitive and relevant in the ever-changing world we live in.