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Dangerous Assumptions
Tuesday, October 20, 2015

When it comes to training, many industry leaders often make assumptions about employees that may or may not be true. These assumptions can be dangerous, and lead to ineffective training if they aren’t addressed. The first and arguably most important assumption to address is that employees know what managers want. Employees can’t read their bosses’ minds, and if they aren’t told what is expected of them, there can be problems down the road. Many leaders do not spend enough time communicating their visions because they assume employees already know. Another assumption is that employees need extra incentives to do a good job. This isn’t necessarily true. Employees are naturally motivated, and managers should be more concerned about removing demotivating hindrances to their employee’s day-to-day tasks. However, this can lead to another dangerous misconception. Not all employees are created equal, and assuming they all care isn’t helpful. But this doesn’t mean these employees aren’t productive. Making it easy for these individuals to perform their jobs will keep them motivated. Another dangerous assumption is that all problems can be trained away. Not every performance challenge can be linked to training, and it shouldn’t be treated as a catchall solution.

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