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Instructor-Led Learning Still Relevant
Friday, July 15, 2016

Investing in human capital is the best way to build a business, according to a recent study released by the Mack Institute for Innovation Management. However, the study noted that not all training is created equal. "The hands-on, interactive training environment is still the best way of communicating a message and making sure it is retained,” says Anneline van Rooyen, sales director at Torque IT. "Instructor-led training in a high-quality environment delivers a focused student experience which empowers people and gives them the tools they need to develop themselves and their careers," she adds. Even though technical training is on the rise and many organizations are seeking online tools to hone employees' skills, instructor-led learning is still relevant. "The belief that instructor-led training is on its way out and being replaced by online learning could not be further from the truth," says van Rooyen. "Instructor-led training has grown exponentially in South Africa and has become a vital tool for differentiating businesses and their employee development strategies."

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