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Transforming Experiences Into Stories

What you've learned from your experiences continues to shape your life and influence your decisions. By sharing what you've learned, others can learn, too, and may be more willing to share their own...

Managing Difficult Classroom Participants

Carrie Addington offers a three-step model for managing difficult classroom participants based on shifting your mindset to focus less on the participants and more on managing their behaviors.

Create a Culture of Learning That Supports the Speed of Business

Are you having trouble convincing leadership of the need to move from training to learning? Today, the situation may look bleak. You can’t train as fast as people need new skills. Digitization and...

The Invisible Trainer

Jonathan Halls describes how trainers can stop telling their stories and trying to be good presenters and instead become “invisible” trainers who focus on helping learners learn.

ATD's Master Trainer Course

ATD facilitator Carrie Addington describes the three components of ATD’s Master Trainer course and how this workshop helps talent development professionals master training delivery skills.

The Real Rules of Training

Jonathan Halls debunks the so-called rules of training that focus on making the trainer look good. He suggests that trainers should develop their own rules of training that center around the learner.


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