Numerous studies have shown the importance of employee satisfaction and engagement. These factors reduce turnover and improve productivity, while improving an organization’s culture and making it an attractive place to work. There are several ways an organization can improve satisfaction. The first is to place a priority on non-monetary motivators. Beyond money, motivators such as career growth and even inter-office relationships can boost satisfaction and engagement. Studies have shown a quarter of employees say they would be more satisfied at their job if they had a better relationship with their manager. Another way to increase satisfaction is by letting employees do what they do best. An employee will feel satisfied when they are doing work they are good at and that is meaningful to them. By giving these employees the tools and support they need to succeed, organizations can increase engagement. Employees should also be encouraged to set and achieve personal goals that are aligned with an organization’s vision. Goal setting will help employees feel like they are working towards an end. Informal training should also be encouraged. Research has shown 70 percent of learning happens informally on the job. By making schedules less rigid and allowing time for observation, employers can increase serendipitous learning.
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