ATD Certification in 2020
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Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) - Through June 30

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How to Prepare for the CPLP Exams

To achieve the CPLP credential, successful candidates suggest that you plan as follows:

  • 80+ hours of study time for the Knowledge Exam,
  • 40 or more hours to prepare for the Skills Application Exam (SAE),
  • Six to nine months for the whole process including studying and taking both exams.

Step 1: Assess Your Knowledge Level

Take a Practice CPLP Knowledge Exam: The practice exam contains 50 questions that mirror those on the actual CPLP exam. Take the practice test so you can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses by AOE.

*When you click on the link above, you will be taken to the SkillTracker. Please select ATD Practice Tests on the top menu and then choose Practice Test for CPLP from the test menu.

Take a Practice Skills Application Exam: Take a look at our Skills Application Exam Study guide and sample Skills Application Exams.

Step 2: Develop a Study Plan

How do you typically tackle something that you need to learn? Do you like to focus on the areas that you know the least about? Do you prefer working in groups? Do you dive into information in a deep, thorough way? Consider your learning preferences when identifying your best study options.

Create a personalized study plan by downloading this study plan template.

For more detailed information and additional resources to prepare for each of the exams, click on the links below:

Step 3: Evaluate Preparation Resources

CPLP Candidates use a variety of resources to prepare depending upon the way they study best.

  • CPLP Learning System: The CPLP Learning System is the official learning resource for individuals preparing for the CPLP certification exam. We highly recommend investing in this resource. If you enroll in an ATD prep course, the Learning System is included with the cost of the program.
  • CPLP Interactive Guide: The CPLP interactive guide takes you through the steps to follow on your CPLP journey.
  • CPLP Candidate Preparation LinkedIn Group: Join our CPLP Candidate Preparation LinkedIn Group for tips and resources.
  • Create Your Own Study Group: A study group guide is included in the back of the CPLP Learning System for those who wish to create their own study group.
  • Practice with Alexa: If you have the Alexa app on your phone or at home, you can have Alexa quiz you on questions. To launch use the command, Alexa, Launch Talent Development.

CPLP Preparation Resources
Ready to get started? Boost your confidence and knowledge with a CPLP prep course.
Self-Paced Course

Plan and execute your personal study plan for the CPLP using the ATD Learning System as the primary study tool. Content is structured in seven modules covering core concepts in all AOEs at an overview level.

Face to Face or Live Online

Your choice of a two-day face-to-face workshop or seven-week live online course reviews the topics on the certification exam and outlines exam-taking and preparation strategies designed to help you succeed.

The ATD Learning System: CPLP Edition is an essential digital reference covering all ten areas of expertise included in the ATD Competency Model.

Get advice to help you determine which type of preparation is best for you.
Send questions or request a conversation by emailing

Need More Information on the Program?

For more information on program specifics please download the CPLP Certification Handbook below.

CPLP Certification Handbook