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March 2017
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March 2017
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Retention: The Intersection of What Employees Want and What Employers Offer

Thursday, March 2, 2017

When it comes to retention, there are two things that really matter: what employees want out of their careers, and what their employers are offering. In the end, work-from-home Fridays won’t matter much if employees don’t feel understood or even listened to. A new report that surveyed more than 18,000 employees across 19 countries found there are four main gaps between what workers want and what their companies offer. The first is digital capabilities. “More and more, employees expect work applications to function as effortlessly and effectively as the applications they use in their personal lives,” according to the report. “To live up to this, companies are adopting new, specialized technologies at breakneck speed, leading to sizeable integration issues.” The next gap has to do with virtual reality (VR). Three percent of working professionals use VR applications in their workplaces, but one in three says it’s poised to revolutionize their workplace in the coming years. Flexible workforces are also becoming increasingly important, with traditional, sit-at-your-desk jobs losing ground to the gig economy. Lastly, training and development is a sticking point. Online training isn’t always the best option, and most workers still prefer in-person training options.

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