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February 2016
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The Mindful Employee
Tuesday, February 23, 2016

More than 4,000 scientific papers have been published on mindfulness training, nearly half of them in the past three years. Clearly evidence is mounting that mindfulness leads to better workplace function, with increases in collaboration, bolstered productivity, fewer errors, and even less sick time taken. And big companies are starting to take note. Organizations such as Aetna, Google, and General Mills have all implemented mindfulness training as part of their employee benefits package, hoping that it will strengthen their workforce. Mindfulness can be described as the activity of being present in the moment. In our hectic workplaces, mindfulness is difficult to achieve because workers are often thinking about their next dozen tasks even before their current task is completed. Mindfulness in the workplace involves training the brain to systematically return attention to the current experience from the standpoint of an observer. This is often accomplished through meditative practices with an experienced trainer. Repetition is also important; making the conscious decision to remain mindful is not easy, and it must be practiced regularly to be sustained. 

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