Engagement and wellness are at the top of most companies’ list of priorities this year. According to a new study, “State of the Industry: Engagement and Wellness in 2015,” companies will be paying more to boost both engagement and wellness in the next few quarters. Many organizations are making investments in engagement and wellness programs in the hopes of retaining more employees. However, the study revealed there is a disconnect between how executives and managers view engagement and wellness. For example, executives tend to view the two as being analogous, while managers see them as separate units. Another troubling revelation was that 26 percent of organizations aren't measuring their return on investment for engagement and wellness programs. Of those that are, a little more than a third measure the impact of wellness programs by tracking their number of insurance claims. "Modern life is taking its toll on employees and leaving them overwhelmed, stressed out, and depleted," Virgin Pulse CEO Chris Boyce said in a statement. "That has a major impact on how engaged and productive people are both on and off the job, so leading employers are taking steps to change that."