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Advancing Talent Development Awards

These awards recognize individuals and teams for outstanding contributions that advance the field.
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Nominations/applications for 2025 recognition will open in October of this year. The 2024 winners will be announced in March.
  • This award is presented to an individual in the talent development profession who is early in his or her career (five or less years of experience).
  • This new ATD award recognizes the work of talent development professionals. It was developed for individuals whose primary role or job is within the TD field.
  • This award recognizes innovation that has had a measurable impact on an organization or audience and is moving the talent development field forward.
  • This award recognizes organizations that leveraged talent development to make significant contributions to improve the lives of others, changed an industry or community for th... Learn More
  • The Talent Development Champion Award is presented to an individual outside of the profession who advocates for talent development.
For Current Students
ATD also has an award recognizing dissertations that hold significant implications for the talent development field and offers student scholarships.
Learn more about the dissertation award | student scholarships.