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Agricultural Retail Industry Lacking in Training and Development

Thursday, November 10, 2016

We typically think about training in terms of corporate offices and people in business suits. However, training is important to every organization, regardless of industry. This past August, the Agriculture Retailers Association, and NuVue Business Solutions surveyed agricultural retailers to get an idea of the qualitative and quantitative state of training and development within that industry segment. Using the results, the partners plan to create new initiatives to assist managers in developing training programs that will help bolster competitive advantages. The survey revealed several key needs for agricultural retailers, including a need to focus on their workforces, invest in all employees and create plans to develop and foster talented workers. The survey also revealed that some retailers are spending considerably more than others when it comes to employee investment, and a full 50 percent spend nothing on training on industry and business acumen, management training or customer service. Even more troubling, 63 percent of the retailers surveyed have no long-term plans for employee development at all. Overall, each organization spends an average of $741 annually per employee, but many are investing much less. Either way, the industry is significantly behind the national average of $1,229 per employee per year.

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