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Training Is Key in Making a Good First Impression

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

First impressions matter in business relationships just as much as they do in personal ones. According to Psychology Today, people only need a few seconds to form a lasting opinion about someone else, and more often than not, that opinion is accurate. This is why the first few hours of an employee’s day on the job are so critical. This crucial first impression will set the tone for that employee's tenure for months and maybe years. If the first impression is favorable, it will often come back with significant returns. If the impression is poor, the result will likely be far more negative. There are several ways to make a good impression on new employees' first day, but some are more useful than others. First, consider taking the time to engage in something low pressure and social. Start with breakfast, maybe. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it gives employees time to decompress and get to know their manager. Then, invest heavily in employee training. If you want to get people up to speed while making them feel valued, there is no better way than to offer effective, one-on-one training.

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