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Feedback, Assessment Important Aspects of Training

Friday, November 4, 2016

As companies grow, it’s important for managers to understand that no matter how skilled a workforce may be, they will eventually require additional training to fill knowledge gaps. The more proactive this process can be, the quicker leaders will be able to identify their teams’ weak spots. One of the most common needs for continuing education is in the realm of technology. Technological advancements are occurring much quicker than they have in the past, and staying abreast of the latest changes will ensure that an organization remains competitive. Additionally, it’s important that lines of communication be open while designing a training program. Instead of training being a top-down exercise, it can be beneficial to ask employees what their needs are and what skills would help them perform their jobs more effectively. Benchmarking is also important during the training process. No one likes tests, but depending on the skill set the training seeks to hone, small measures can be taken to assess employees’ retention of the information. Not only will this show where weak spots remain, but it can be helpful in tweaking the curriculum of the training itself.

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