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Making Training More Effective

Friday, November 4, 2016

For employees to feel loyal to their organization, they must have opportunities to develop both personally and professionally. Effective training and development programs are essential in this effort for long-term advancement and self-fulfillment. However, most organizations rely on outdated training techniques and development programs that leave employees feeling detached and employers wondering why their workers are neither productive nor enthusiastic. The data paint a bleak picture. About 65 percent of employees believe their company could have done a better job onboarding them, and 74 percent say they have forgotten some if not all of their last mandatory training session. A little more than half of employees say they only complete training because it’s required. This means that employers are wasting a great deal of time and resources. To fix this, employers need to be more flexible. Trying new, novel techniques can help to accommodate a variety of learning styles. Content needs to be updated and made interesting and user-controlled.

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