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Gender Influences Motivation and Engagement

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The difference between engaging women versus men is a good example of how different life experiences and worldviews shape motivation. London-based analytics firm Peakon, whose software measures employee engagement and retention levels, released a report recently to break down how engagement differs by gender. The key finding of the report was that a sense of accomplishment and personal growth are bigger factors in men’s workplace engagement levels than women’s. Peakon co-founder Dan Rogers chalked those last points up to long-held cultural beliefs. “Historically, men have been more career driven,” he said. “There is a culture that pushes men more to be aggressive in succeeding in their careers.” However, this isn’t to suggest women aren’t ambitious or that they don’t care about professional success. Rogers adds that the way men and women engage at work could also be the result of employers treating genders differently, or of greater society pressures. “To conclude that men and women are fundamentally different in their approach to work is to also ignore the unmistakable fact that there are large disparities in the treatment of men and women in the workplace,” according to the report.

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