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November 2016
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Arby’s Training Helps Increase Customer, Employee Satisfaction

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fast food vendor Arby’s is taking a play from its competitors and investing heavily in employee training. According to the company, mistakes and poor customer service have driven many once-loyal customers away. In 2015, Arby’s customer service score was far below the industry average, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index; however, in the past year, the restaurant’s year-over-year customer service scores increased by 8 percent, one of the most significant changes in the industry. Arby's reports that nine out of 10 visitors reported an increase in their levels of satisfaction over the past two years. Part of this has to do with new marketing campaigns and general rebranding efforts, but according to Arby’s CEO Paul Brown, Brand Champ, the company’s now-annual employee training program, has been the cornerstone of its efforts to improve satisfaction and increase their customer base. Additionally, the program is also increasing the satisfaction of Arby’s team members. Since the program was introduced in early 2014, the company has increased its engagement scores by 87 percent.

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