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Training Is Critical, Even for Small Businesses
Monday, December 14, 2015

During tight financial times, training is usually the first budget to be cut. However, this is not always prudent, especially for a small business. Small business owners have a lot to manage. Not only do they lead the company, but often they must function as the CFO, vice president of sales, or shipping and receiving clerk. Because of the lack of manpower, the function of training employees is often seen as something that should be done, but ends up falling by the wayside, or it’s deemed too expensive. However, training, if done right, can be easy and affordable. By leveraging online tools—many of which are free—small business owners can get their employees up to speed on the latest software or analytics tools, or basic bookkeeping skills and finance. With some light online research, small business owners are now able to find the tutorials, videos, and webinars they need to build an effective training program. And this effort will pay off. Improperly trained employees will be a drain to a small business. 

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