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Younger Managers Better at Driving Productivity and Engagement

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

There are two schools of thought when it comes to management—that managers will either prioritize solid results from their team, or they will foster high engagement. Of course, the best managers will do both, but according to new research, the leaders who best balance both goals tend to be much younger in age. "We found that younger leaders excelled in this ability to run an effective and fun team environment," wrote Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman in Harvard Business Review. "We found that leaders who were under 30 years of age were two to three times as likely to be effective at both results and engagement than their older compatriots. Nearly one-third of the group under 30 years of age achieved both priorities well. Around age 40, it seems, leaders appear to have made their choice between being results driven or interpersonally strong. From there forward, only 10 percent of leaders in any age group would do both things well." Young people tend to place a heavier value on work relationships and are more interested in making things personal. Older managers want to separate their personal and professional lives and don’t rely as heavily on soft skills.

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