Gail Heidenhain
Gail Heidenhain, president of Delphin and board chair of the International Association for Accelerated Learning Practitioners (IAALP), the professional organization for accelerated learning, has been consulting with organizations around the world to design and implement strategies that enhance and accelerate the learning process. Her focus has been on the people side of the business—developing effective global leaders, high performing teams, and the intercultural competency and personal effectiveness to help companies thrive in the global marketplace. Gail has also trained and certified over two thousand facilitators in accelerated learning globally since 1985. She co-developed the highly successful accelerated learning design technology employed throughout much of Europe to design and facilitate learning in a variety of contexts and organizations. She spearheaded the DGSL (German Society of Accelerated Learning) three tier certification program that was implemented in 1991. She was the expert adviser in the development of a research project to test the effectiveness of accelerated learning at the University of Munich in 1992 that was sponsored by Siemens. Building on the success in Germany, Gail initiated the creation of standards in AL certification and accreditation in the U.S. She has served on the boards of the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA) and the Organizational Change Alliance (OCA) as well as on the conference committees of ASTD and the National Staff Development Council (NSDC).
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