Julie Theriault

Developing others is my passion and there is no greater excitement for me than to see others grow into strong, capable leaders.   I am a tough, but fair go-getter who spent a fair amount of my career leading retail banking teams in small and mid-sized markets.  I, and my team, took great pride in providing stellar service to our customers, taking market share from competitors, and building a relationship-focused culture. 

My competitive nature was forged in the fire of meeting and exceeding sales targets while balancing risk without sacrificing service.   A strategic, focused attention to coaching managers on how to leverage their own talents became my reason for coming in to work every day.  It was rewarding seeing them apply their skills to tough challenges and it was satisfying to watch them become more attune to the business needs and those of their customers.   We regularly exceeded production targets by 10-20% and watched NPS data soar.

I caught the human performance improvement bug and I wanted to replicate it organization wide so I hung up my retail shoes and defected to human resources where I honed my craft in facilitation, instructional design, program development and management, succession planning, performance management, and talent acquisition.  I absolutely love moving performance forward through partnerships with leaders and seeing employees reach their potential.