Patrick Bowl

I'm a learning leader. Passionate about people development and helping organizations grow.  Always focused on the main goal, but flexible and anxious to find innovative ways to get there.  I've lead learning teams, projects, coached people (and Little League!), developed legislation and lobbied Congress.  I thrive in the gap between ambiguity and the creative process.

I've worn many hats: programmer, project leader, lobbyist, legislative aide, facilitator. This experience provides the grist for new ideas in my day to day routine.  I'm fluent in geek, designer, technologist, learning and sales.

Learning Solutions: Everyone has a million things to do but learning is one of the most critical. The most effective learning takes place when you don't even know it's happening. 

Technology:  I've built custom CMS tools from scratch before they were common. I can talk programming with a Java developer and in the same breathe articulate C-suite strategies for platform integration and sales development.

Relationship Building:  The key to making big things happen lies in relationships. Building strong, collaborative partnerships opens doors to faster learning, better ideas and the ability to adapt more quickly. All of these are critical to staying competitive.

Specialties: Face to Face/Virtual Facilitation, Blended Learning, Curriculum Development, and CRM Management, Web Development, Sales Coaching, Mobile Technology.

If you love technology, learning and collaboration, let's connect.

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