December 2021
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3 Practices to Prepare Contract Workers

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Freelancers and contract workers can be valuable additions to any project, but they need the right tools to succeed. Get started with these guidelines.

1. Overcommunicate the project's context.


Freelancers aren't looped into internal discussions of where your organization is going or why things are done a certain way. Clearly communicate how their contribution fits into the bigger picture.

2. Set expectations and deadlines up front.

Your idea of a reasonable timetable for deliverables may not match the contract worker's expectation. Get on the same page for deadlines and workflow expectations from the very beginning.


3. Budget time for iterations.

It may take a few revisions to get a deliverable exactly where you want it to be, so give earlier deadlines to creative freelancers such as writers and graphic designers. That way, you have time to nail down the project's tone or vision with them.

About the Author

Amy Suto is a writer and scripted podcast producer. She founded Kingdom of Ink, a writing services company, with her partner Kyle Cords to help creatives build freelance writing careers. She also runs the company Kingdom of Pavement, which produces scripted and unscripted podcasts, including The Last Station, a podcast about the last radio station to survive the apocalypse. When Suto isn’t running companies, she’s ghostwriting memoirs for people all over the world or working on her novel. You can find more about Suto and read her blog at

About the Author

Kyle Cords is a writer and producer and cofounder of Kingdom of Ink, a writing services company. He serves as executive producer on the scripted podcasts The Last Station and Just To Be Nominated and co-runs the podcast production company Kingdom of Pavement. Cords is also founder of the Orphanage Collective, a reimagining of management by creatives, for creatives.

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