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Remote Workers Need Recognition Too

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Recognition in the workplace, be it formal or informal, is important for keeping employees motivated and engaged. Unfortunately, many of these mechanisms—particularly the more informal “attaboys”—have been disrupted by the exodus from traditional offices triggered by the global health crisis. But just because more employees are working remotely doesn't mean recognition should be ignored. Employee engagement relies on a foundation of feedback, and a solid portion of that feedback should be letting employees know when they've done a good job. Does this mean managers need to fawn over their employees? No. But they should make a concerted effort to recognize the work their employees are doing every day. A recent Gallup study revealed that, when asked, only one in four employees remembered receiving any sort of recognition in the past week. Based on their analysis, if this could go from one in four to six in 10, organizations would see a 28 percent improvement in the quality of their employee's work and a 31 percent reduction in absenteeism. Remote work, of course, makes this more difficult but certainly not impossible. Consider starting the next team meeting by recognizing someone on the call for doing exceptional work or set up a weekly successes call. You could also consider outside-the-box recognition methods—for instance, sending an exceptional employee a handwritten note.

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