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Will Post-Pandemic Remote Work Kill the Traditional Office?

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The global health crisis forced organizations to adopt remote work policies in short order, and many are finding there are benefits to letting employees work from home. Several big-name companies—particularly in the tech space—have said they will allow these setups to continue even after the pandemic has subsided. But will this lead to a world where all work is decentralized and offices are a thing of the past? Not necessarily. Many experts are arguing that this exodus is only temporary and that tech giants and startups alike will still need to set up shop in large cities; innovation depends on it. Disruptive organizations need to be part of diverse communities, not only in terms of demographics but in terms of ideas. While productivity can be maintained using telecommunications tools, breakthrough innovations are less likely to occur when people only connect and communicate digitally. At our cores, humans are social creatures, and being distant from one another is isolating and draining. Workplace collaboration is crucial for success, and relationship-building and mentorship require some level of face-to-face interaction. While remote work will certainly be more prevalent in the post-COVID-19 word, we can't entirely phase out traditional work.

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