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Collaboration and Connection Are Keys to Engagement and Productivity

Friday, January 12, 2018

Companies want to make the most of their employees, but what does that actually mean? Employee engagement and employee productivity have become blurred concepts, and many managers are unsure where they should focus their attention. While these concepts are related, they often become conflated, and this confusion leads to a weakening of efforts across the board. So how can companies ensure they are going to increase both engagement and productivity at the same time? First, workplaces need to be designed in such a way that they reflect company values. If the company values collaboration, that company must ensure it provides employees with the tools and space to collaborate. Additionally, businesses should help employees build interpersonal relationships with one another. According to recent research, as many as three-quarters of adults report feeling lonely. No one is satisfied at a job where they simply clock in and clock out day after day without any human connection. This may look like a more open office environment, or simply a comfortable, well-stocked break room, but employees want the opportunity to connect with one another.

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