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VR Helps Companies Effectively Train Employees

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

As the technology becomes more accessible, businesses are finding new ways to leverage virtual reality (VR) systems. Lowe's is one such company experimenting with VR, and noticing significant changes in both employees and customers. Last year, the home improvement retailer launched its “Holoroom How To" program, which aimed to teach customers basic skills. As part of the pilot program, they found that customers experienced approximately 40 percent greater retention in the steps to complete a project when they used VR training as opposed to other, more traditional methods. Now Lowe's is looking to use this program to bolster its employees' skills at using in-store equipment as well. More than 400 employees so far have tested the VR platform, and more than 90 percent have said this type of high-tech training would help them better serve their customers. Walmart has also explored VR training to prepare for events such as Black Friday as well as standard operating procedures and customer service interactions. Although initial results look promising, VR is far from ubiquitous. A recent study by Global Web Index found that only 5 percent of Internet users in North America owned a headset.

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