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How to Avoid Hiring Toxic Employees

Friday, January 5, 2018

Organizations are placing more emphasis on collaboration these days, with some companies going so far as to rethink the way they hire, placing more emphasis on teams, and sometimes recruiting groups over individuals. People who work well on teams, in general, are the high-performing individuals all companies look to hire and keep on board. Conversely, organizations are actively seeking to avoid team members who can derail other employees' productivity and well-being, and along with it, affect the overall bottom line. These toxic employees drain workplaces of positive energy, and HR managers need to be able to spot them before they are hired. One way to do this is to look for “signs of civility,” says leadership expert Christine Porath. Asking potential hires about previous experiences rather than hypothetical situations is important in this regard. She suggests rather than asking how they would handle a difference of opinion with a co-worker, ask the potential hire how they have resolved conflicts in the past. Gut feelings are also actionable. If a candidate makes you feel uneasy, check with their references, or call people they’ve supervised. Most of the time that gut feeling will be confirmed.

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