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Engagement Can’t Be Measured in Productivity

Thursday, January 25, 2018

It seems like common sense that the least engaged employees would be the first to quit, and there’s an element of truth to that notion. While it’s true that improving engagement across the board is one of the best ways to prevent turnover, it’s not necessarily the under-performers who need the most attention<&mdash;>it’s your top talent. According to recent Gallup data, highly talented employees who were not engaged had the highest turnover rates compared with their less valuable counterparts. When the best performers are not engaged, they are just as likely to leave as low performers. This is a sobering thought, and it’s critical to understand the motivation behind it. While speculative, Gallup suggests it’s because highly talented individuals are more likely to have high expectations of their workplaces. They are also more likely to have other opportunities available, and to actively seek out opportunities to develop professionally when they are unfulfilled. The key takeaway here is that its impossible to eyeball engagement through performance alone. Even the best employee might be looking for the exit.

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