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Interest in Sexual Harassment Training Skyrocketing

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The rash of high-profile sexual harassment cases has prompted a surge in interest in training to prevent such occurrences. According to data from Train Up, inquiries regarding sexual harassment training have skyrocketed: The company had 267 requests for these services in January 2017, and 2,150 requests last month. "We've reached a point where companies can no longer turn a blind eye," says Jeremy Tillman, the company’s founder and chairman. Training programs are also getting updated to reflect modern threats; two hours of mandatory sexual harassment training every two years is no longer cutting it. "Here's what doesn't work—relying solely on compliance rules, education, and training to prevent or address sexual harassment,” Johnny C. Taylor Jr., president and chief executive of the Society for Human Resource Management, says. "We could demand that every employee take 10 hours of sexual harassment training every week and accusations would still happen." What needs to occur is a cultural shift, spearheaded by management and executives, that leaves no room for predatory behaviors.

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