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Most Sexual Harassment Goes Unreported

Monday, February 5, 2018

As movements like TimesUp and #MeToo sweep the nation, allegations of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct are finally being taken more seriously in the workplace, and several huge names have already become disgraced due to past and recent offenses. But in this age of awareness, can sexual harassment still go unnoticed? According to a recent Career Builder survey, it is, to a shocking degree: 72 percent of employees who experience sexual harassment will not report it. There are many reasons for this nondisclosure. Employees may fear retaliation, or may be concerned that their employer won’t act. Many feel that if they come forward, they might be labeled a troublemaker or lose their jobs. Often power dynamics are at play that make coming forward difficult, if not seemingly impossible. For employees to feel safe, it’s important for management to create a culture where coming forward won’t result in punitive measures, and complaints will be taken seriously. Cultural shifts must occur, and these new values need to be communicated from the top down to make all employees feel safe in the workplace.

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