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TD Magazine

The February issue features At C Level articles about HITT Contracting. Additional highlights include:

+It's Time for a New Type of Smile Sheet

+Principles of Evaluating Nursing Competence

+Web Exclusive: Learn Which Three-Letter Words Can Derail Any Meeting

+Web Exclusive: A 'Distinguished' Career Path for Women Engineers

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February 2016 Issue

Building for the Future

By Tony Bingham and Pat Galagan

A construction industry success story built on talent development.

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Break Your Ground With HITT

By Jenna Dominick

HITT Contracting's hands-on training is at the heart of instruction for interns and new employees entering the construction industry.


Principles of Evaluating Nursing Competence

By Pam Dickerson and Kathy Chappell

Lives are at stake if nurses' competencies aren't validated.

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Climbing the Healthcare Summit

By Barclay Berdan

A long-term strategic plan comes to fruition to the benefit of employees, patients, and the community.


It's Time for a New Type of Smile Sheet

By Will Thalheimer

Traditional smile sheets are ubiquitous, but do they really give us the feedback we need?


Take Your Design Skills to New Heights

By Chuck Hodell

Improve your design skills by abiding by the seven governing principles of instructional systems design.



Julie Dirksen ++

Julie Dirksen built her career around a love of learning. The instructional designer and author of Design for How People Learn (with the second edition hot off the press) is fascinated by how people learn, think, and behave. A popular presenter and e-learning consultant, Dirksen also studies how user experience and behavioral science can be incorporated into instructional design.

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A Healthy Culture

By Lindsey Bingaman and Fran Johnston

One hospital's nursing department attempts to change its toxic culture through confidential interviews and focus groups.


Perspective-Taking Skills for a Multigenerational Workforce

By W. Lewis Johnson and Asya Anderson

Quell misunderstandings by learning to consider the other person's point of view.


The Core Components of Talent Development

By Paula Ketter

This month's feature articles cover a variety of topics that are front and center with today's talent development professionals.

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What Is xAPI?

By Megan Torrance and Craig Wiggins

For a practical explanation of this new learning technology specification, look no further.


At Risk and Unaware

By Stephanie Castellano

Training on managing sensitive information is badly needed at most organizations.

Capture Your Audience With Visuals

Cool Tool: HipChat

"Phony" It In

Blog Buzz: Meet the HR Bartender

Welcome Generation Z to Work

Performance Reviews: Love 'em or Hate 'em

Be Afraid, Be Uber-Afraid

It's Been Grand, but …

+Free Articles


Paint a Picture of Possibility

By Michael Brenner

Developing a meaningful organizational vision can be done in five steps.


Learn Today; Be Prepared for Tomorrow

By Maria Ho

Many learning professionals admit their functions aren't ready to meet learners' future needs.


A Better Support Group

One healthcare organization learns that the best way to get employees involved in communities of practice is through one-to-one support and formal training.


Raising the Torch

Illuminate: Ignite Change Through Speeches, Stories, Ceremonies, and Symbols by Nancy Duarte and Patti Sanchez

Reviewed by Julie Winkle Giulioni

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Here's what you can look forward to in the March 2016 issue of TD magazine:

  • Cracking the Code to Leader Growth
  • Strategic Planning: Getting From Here to There
  • Measuring What Matters Most in Your Training
  • And much more! Check back on the first of the month to read the entire issue.


2014 State of the Industry Report: Spending on Employee Training Remains a Priority

Organizations’ training and development investments are at “a healthy level” compared with previous years.

Training and Development Competencies Redefined to Create Competitive Advantage

ASTD launches a revised competency model for the profession.

Cultivating Valuable Learning Environments

A talent development ecosystem fosters a culture of learning within an organization.

Diamond in the Rough

Curation is more than gathering and organizing content—it also involves finding value in it.

Face-to-Face Training Is Still the Better Choice Over Digital Lessons

Humans crave interaction, and tend to learn better in in-person environments.

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