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Want to Be More Productive? Listen to Classic Rock

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

There have been many studies that demonstrate listening to music at work can improve productivity, but recent research suggests some genres are better than others. According to a study by Cloud Cover Music, classic rock is the best music to listen to when you need to get the job done, followed by alternative and pop. Hip-hop, heavy metal, electronic dance music, and country were found to be the most distracting. “It really is up to an individual’s preference,” said Meg Piedmont, a project manager for Cloud Cover Music who helped put the study together. “It’s about creating your own workspace, personalized to what will allow you to do the best work you can do.” However, for really high-level knowledge tasks, silence might be the best option. Environmental factors like noise have a significant impact on productivity, and music can be distracting during tasks that require a lot of thought. “In almost every circumstance where you’re trying to do knowledge work, where you need to be focused, you’re better off with silence,” said author and researcher Josh Davis.

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