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As talent development professionals, understanding how adults learn and retain information is crucial. Following scientific and research-based practices not only ensures we are creating the best possible outcomes for learners, it also gives credibility to the learning function.

The 16 selections from books, TD at Work and Infoline issues, and TD magazine articles included here cover a range of topics related to the science of learning—from foundational models to increasing retention to results-based evaluation.

Part I, “Foundations and Research,” covers core areas such as instructional design models and learning theories. It also uncovers some common myths and gets to the bottom of what the research really says.   

Part II, “Learning and Retention,” examines how we form memories, retain information, and create new habits. It looks at cognitive load, the forgetting curve, and how learning theories apply to mobile learning.   

Part III, “Human Motivation and Engagement,” looks at the SCARF Model of human motivation as well as new factors influencing employee motivation.   

Part IV, “Measurement and Evaluation,” covers data and metrics, advocating for a results-based evaluation process. It also examines the differences between testing and exams. 

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